Written by The Messenger   

                             "What is

                               SpitFire Enterprize???"

Spit Fire Enterprize is a multimedia company. We specialize in graphic design, web design, cinematography and photography. We love clients that come with their minds all set, and leave the hard part to us. We will take brand to the next level by providing a digital presence. Our graphic illustrations make people want to take interest in our client’s company. If they want a deeper presence we provide a clean uniformed high performance web site. The websites include a “content management system” or CMS for short, this allows our clients power over their website’s content. Some of our clients might want us to go deeper and accumulate our creativity. We believe the ultimate way to get a company noticed is by being the face of it. We place our client’s pretty faces in front one of our high definition cameras, to give their audiences a view of their biggest product.  We have filmed web series, music videos, video blogs and comedy skits. We edit color correct and send the videos pressed and ready for the next their step. Last but not least, the base that makes this all possible are pictures. We provide our clients with the most poetic high definition photos. We have worked with aspiring models with giving them full portfolios, and we have given executives that extra look of professionalism when viewed on social websites. We plan futures!

The owner of Spit Fire Enterprize (Denzel Remington Burks) has done work for many reputable companies in the past. Yellow Rat Bastard (YRB), Jump Corp, Charged.fm, Hyden Yoo, Patrik Ervell, Carolines comedy club and Power Moves Inc, to name some. He’s worked closely with CEOs and creative directors, at a young age. Our goal as we move forward into the future, is to receive more acknowledgements for our work and the only way we can do so is my creating digital art for all to see. Time will give us our spot along with our customers.

On our website in our portfolio all our work is listed from the years. Our first client became our first big project. We took on the project of producing an image for the artist Ra Dollas. We did photo shoots and video blogs to start him off and then gave him a digital platform to put it on which was his website. We knew he had so much potential so Denzel grabbed him up and started managing his career. Ra Dollas is still with us rocking hard putting up numbers and making a buzz around the world.

We have lost in a lot of blood sweat and tears to get where we are today and have no regrets. Our work speaks louder!