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Trendy Thursdays

Ra Dollas bday bash 2012

I Am What's Poppin Relaunch

how do you want it flyer

Zuri Bday flyer
alt cell phone pictures.. -.-
Thriller Night
I DID NOT CREATE THIS FLYER!!! the client want me to buy the template and add his text to it! and I added the women that you see on the flyer..thats all! alt
Flashing Lights Flyer
Halloween Concept flyer #2
On sale in the store! alt
Fright Night Flyer
Ra Dollas BDay Flyer
Halloween Concept flyer #1

If you want to buy it the template is on sale in our store!


Tristin Raquel Card
Harlem Nights


Social Saturdays
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Grown & Sexy PJ party

alt alt

Youth Summit 2011
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Toast to that Thursday's


I LIKE BOTH...all i did was lighten the background and change the font...

shouts out to Rome and Luey Da 13!

International Nova Mixtape Release
Sorry guys I been drowning in work that I forgot to update the site -.- alt
New Ciroc Tuesday flyer!
I'm chilling out here at the 420 this tuesday for my 22nd bday! Swing by if you can!! alt
Taboo Fridays!

The client for this flyer is Sky from SofTouch Ent. Sky is one of the rare clients you get that gives you a pain in your ass. With that being said I love her! She wants everything placed a certain way and it has to be perfect by her eyes. This is what makes me grow along with the client. The client might see it in a way I dont or a way that makes more sense. After a day of 3 or 4 flyers I kind of loose track and its good to have a client that stays on my back. My suggestion box stays open 10a-6p and I always keep an open mind and its great to have another! =]




The Grown and Sexy!

Dment Group! what up!

Feel Free Fridays!

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Shout out to Lucky Dutch Productions!

Trap Boy Saturdays!
alt Shouts to Dment!
Throw It on Thursdays
alt Shout outs to Dment Group
Ciroc Tuesdays!
alt Shout out to Rome!
BBM is my BFF!
alt alt First Flyer I did for Larry at Up1creative!
Empra flyer
alt The second flyer from Larry one of my fave clients =]