The Suit Salon

Denny Digital logo
Oniks Logo
SOS logo
BlackLite Studios
Jessica Legend Productions
alt alt alt alt
Tristin Raquel Logo

shouts out to Tristin =]

International Nova's Website logo

sorry Nov I'm taking credit for my hand writing lol

Majestic Logo concept...
another concept that got shot down by the client...its something about that script "M" I like lol alt
Millionaires Club!
Burn Athletics Logos

(my fave)
alt alt
Client liked them all and still till today doesnt know which one to pick

Youth Summit 2011 logo concept...
I'm showing this logo off because its hot to me and I put hotness into it and it got shot down by the client...ehh... alt
CutThroat Baby !

another one of my old pieces!

I Tried to help!

I offered a new logo to the guys at New Breed Entertainment and it was rejected! I didn't even charge! The ceo's exact words from the text message was "Naw to soul calibur ish lol I like it though but others aren't ready for that" -_-
Here's their current logo..


and here's mines..
which one makes your dick hard?

Chanel Speedy!
Here's a logo I did for a friend of mines last year alt