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JD, born Jerrell De Wayne Davis II on Jan 20 1985 on the Southwest side of Houston TX, began rapping at an early age. A natural fan of music, JD has been exposed to all genres of music growing up.

After graduating high school JD attended Stephen F Austin State University. At SFA is where he met DJ J Black and begin seriously recording songs back in 2003, joining DJ J Black's group Starting Line Up.

They would go on to do several mixtapes that led to a large underground college following. During his college years JD also pledged Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and his line brother Michael Motte would later go on to start the very label JD would first sign to, Presidential Hustle Ent.

As a promising rap career began to surface, trouble did a well. Several Drug related charges had JD looking at some serious jail time, but with the grace of God he only ended doing a few months.

He got out with an even more focused mind and determination to make it in the rap game. As things seemed on the up once again heartache would again strike, but this time it would affect him for life.

Not even a month after his release from jail, his brother Motte was shot and killed outside a club he was promoting. The loss shook everyone not just JD. Motte was a father of two. Not knowing how to deal with such a major loss JD went to the only thing that gave him a little peace, his music.

Reuniting with DJ J Black and the We Jam movement, JD began recording relentlessly. Practically living in Rehab Studios, which he joined with the producer 13. Together many hits have been created and at the pace he has recorded he has enough material for numerous CD's