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Maserati Rick



A Sacramento, California native Maserati Rick (formerly known as Lil' Cyco), got his music industry start on Underground Hip-Hop Legend C-Bo's West Coast Mafia Records imprint. Learning under one of Gangster Rap's most known figures proved to be very beneficial, and is evident in the quality of music and tireless work ethic that Rick has shown throughout his short but already successful career. The release of his debut solo album, "Street Chronicles" was accepted with open arms by the streets. Also released the same day as his solo album was a group album titled, West Coast Mafia Gang "Gang Affiliated" where he stood toe to toe and verse for verse with his seasoned labelmates (C-Bo, Killa Tay, 151, & Speedy), making him the only artist to date to have a solo album and group album released on the same day. He proved to be a fresh new strong voice for the people of the inner city. The momentum picked up in snowball fashion, with features on other projects outside of the West Coast Mafia workflow. People were standing up and taking notice to the new "voice of the West Coast". Multiple cameos and features later it was time for his second solo effort, appropriately titled "Get Money, Have Heart". From song 1 of his 2nd project, the artistic growth was immediately evident. "Get Money, Have Heart", was met with greater acceptance than "Street Chronicles" as far as fanbase, however label support was minimal. EXIT: Lil' Cyco - ENTER: Maserati Rick... Now on his own while still maintaining his West Coast Mafia family ties, Maserati Rick started his own label Blue Chip Music Group. The 1st release from his label will be his highly street anticipated "Sky's The Limit". The lead single from the album, titled, "SHE BAD" is receiving support from the West Coast to the Mid West and East Coast... From the beginning of his career Maserati Rick has proved that he can stand bar for bar lyrically, and business move for business move with the industries most relevant artists. It's only a matter of time before he becomes a household name. So I guess it's fitting that his 3rd release be titled, "SKY'S THE LIMIT"...