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Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is a 25 year-old black male from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo. He is a father, athlete, musician, comedian, entertainer & all around fun character to know & be around. He was raised as the only child by his single mother and grandparents.  After the divorce of his parents at the age of two, and an incident of almost being shot along with his father while in his arms during an altercation between his father and the brother of his girlfriend in a hotel, his mother was forced to leave the County of Kings in the city of Lemoore where they were leaving.  Because of this Shaadie and his mother were homeless with only the clothes on their back and had to move in with his grandparents on the 12 hundred block of Griffin Drive in the North Vallejo neighborhood of the Country Club Crest.  While growing up on the streets of The Crest, he also spent a great a lot of time back south in Georgia & North Carolina which is the hub of both sides of his family by way of Trinidad-Tobago & Kingston, Jamaica. Because of his wide range of traveling to visit family he has seen and been apart of many different types of people & struggles.  Along from having the good clean image as an athletic school-boy, he still was the black sheep of the family because of his unknown street life and separate views from his military raised mother & grandparents.After living in Vallejo since the age of two, and traveling back and forth between California, Georgia & North Carolina he then moved to Sacramento because of his mothers job change. After moving from Vallejo to Sacramento in 2003, and graduating in 2004, he signed a full track & field scholarship to UC Berkeley where attended until 2007 before leaving to regroup as well as give more time to his music. While at UC Berkeley, he ran in to old child hood friends/family from the pop warner football days; Marshawn Lynch, Robert Jordan & Virdell Larkins & found that many others of their family were all collegiate athletes throughout the country as well. Once the distant cousins clicked up, the rest is history; they all collectively made the patented "twist-n-hook" hand signal to represent the Fam1ly F1rst movement that they all believed in and lived. And with the popularity of “Money” Marshawn Lynch & Mr. Jordan on the Cal football field & now members of the Seattle Seahawks & Canadian Football League as well as the various other relatives & Fam 1st representatives whom have gone from college to the pros, the entire Fam1ly F1rst movement is becoming better known by the minute. And Shaadie is not only a Fam1ly F1rst representative, but he also 1/4th founder of the twist-n-hook.  So be on the look out & keep your ears open for the tunes of Fam1ly F1rst representative such as Shaadie and many more.