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With great musical talent comes great responsibility, and Seattle Native Robbyd takes that charge

with the utmost seriousness. In what many agree is an uninspired era in Hip Hop, the artist known

as"Robbyd" brings authentic music of legendary proportions. "They need a powerful n***a again man,"

He observes. "Fall back and let a n***a like Robby come sweep the rest of this shit under the table."

They Say. The rap game's Vigilanteis on his outlaw status to distribute justice across the board.

Known for his unorthodox hooks, ferocious bars, and versatile flows, the gravely-voiced rapper is showcasing

his all-around rap package to the hungry masses. His expressions, ad libs, and taste for music have spawned

countless imitators who are connoisseurs of the wave heavyweights in the game take note of the wave.

TwoTymes "Robbyd" is currently gearing up to releases of the Most Anticipated albums Coming Soon With

a legion of followers behind him, rap's renegade is prepared to build a case for the late bloomers on why

he encompasses the greatness of B.I.G., Jay Z, and Tupac. "I bring all three of them artists together-

I'm that outstanding, I'm that swaggerific. I'm that hook man, I'm that wave man, I'm that 16 bar man,

I'm that ghostwriter man, I'm the go to guy, I'm the guy that make your song sound like no other.

Every song I make is fire, every one. I can't say I'm all three of the greatest put together and then come

with some bullshit. I gotta come with the superbness And Heat.

Robbyd Is Most Definatly An Artist To Look Out For


TWITTER : www.Twitter.Com/TheRealRobbyd


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Robbyd Feat. MMG Scotty Boi - "I Dont Care" (DL LINK) -


(VIDEO) Robbyd "TopOfTheWorld" (StayScheming Freestyle) -


Maybach Music/ SpazOutRadio360/ DonLoganDjs presents - STR8 SPAZZIN vol.6 Hosted By

@SCOTTYBOItkg of #MMG #HM Featuring New Single Robbyd Feat. MMG ScottyBoi

"IDontCare" - … …

Starring Snoop Dogg, YoGotti,RickRoss,FrenchMontana,WizKhalifa And More (DL LINK)