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Watch “@sanquinn – S.A.R.N Feat @E40 & @StunnaKid

March 16, 2014


Watch “@sanquinn – S.A.R.N (Feat @E40 & @StunnaKid)” on YouTube

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February 25, 2014


Artist Name: Michael Aristotle

Location: Atlanta,Ga

Mixtape Name: What Tomorrow May Hold

Michael Aristotle, was born Quintin Talbert on March 27, 1993 in Brooklyn, New York. Music played a very big part in his earlier years as his belizean father, Claude Talbert, raised him around hardcore hip hop music as well as reggae, and his belizean mother, Antoinette Reneau, raised him around various types of music in general, with her dreams of being a ballet dancer. His parents would throw block parties and play music around their apartment constantly, to the point where he would end up absorbing the music, building his ear for sounds that would eventually help his talent. At the age of 9, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, the mecha of Southern Hip Hop, where he would soon develop a talent for music. Years Later, he started writing full songs at 12, recording at 14. working over the year, building a bigger buzz in his area with the stage name “Y.Teezy”, bringing out mixtapes, displaying his rap talents in the talent show, and releasing visuals. Then, he changed his name to Michael Aristotle after feeling the need of a new start, now he is working harder than ever on new projects, new visuals, designing his own cover art to fit his vision being a hands on artist, as well as ghostwring for other artist out there and being apart of his team East Chain (a label founded by him and fellow members dre biggz & willy hendrix), a collective of artists & loyal comrades Also, carving his own lane, building his own sound with main producer Willy Hendrix for a new generation to come, shining light on the eastside of atlanta. the music scene in Atlanta is rising, and its only a matter of time before michael aristotle is at the forefront of the world.

twitter: @MikeyAristotle

Mixtape info: From the presentation to the overall message,What Tomorrow May Hold was meticulously crafted in a manner we have only seen from momentous hip-hop albums of the past. 

Stremable Link:

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February 25, 2014


Kidd Smyllz – Let Me

SoundCloud Link:

White Plains, NY


Facebook Page:




Haitian Born rapper James Telcy better known as Kidd Smyllz was born in Port De Paix Haiti in September 29th 1994. Growing up in Haiti was not easy for the younger rapper. He witnessed his cousin being murdered at the tender age and his life was a daily struggle juggling between finding food to eat everyday and avoiding kidnappings which was popular in the third world Country of Haiti. 

God willing his family was able to migrate to New York in 2002. He had no problem assimilating to the American culture and soon began to fall in love with the hip hop scene. He started a group with fellow Hation rapper Waldizi called the “Swag Boyz”. The intertwined a there two polar styles to create sound which was different and popular amongst social networks. They added a third member to there group and created a band name n”NewGenesis”. They dropped there debut mixtape “Back to school” which added to there success upon social network. 

Kidd Smyllz has collaborated with many different groups and artist continuously added to his craft and flow which gets better with time. He taste for pretty women and fine weed is prevalent in his music. He plans on leaving a mark in the game and with his versatility and dedication that challenge will soon be

Check out @TS_TheSolution @MPyreP

February 25, 2014



T.S (born Devonte Pearson June 29th, 1991 in Long Beach, CA) came along way from writing raps in his school notebooks in elementary. He’s shown progression since dropping out of High School on three different occasions. He exemplifies what it means to make the best out of any situation on a day to day basis. The ability to illustrate such struggles and triumphs as a 22 year old hip hop artist makes T.S not only a rare site to see, but one of the most relatable artists on the scene.

T.S, also known as The Solution, was raised around women and R&B music. Vocals from Mary J. Blige, Jaheim, and R. Kelly were constantly finding a home in a young Devonte’s ears. Though R&B gave T.S the ability to tap into his emotions, young artists like Immature and Lil Bow Wow inspired him to start doing music as a hobby. With the help of his cousin Calvin, who was also an aspiring artist, he began writing and recording songs at the ripe age of 12. With minimal recording knowledge, T.S began recording himself and his friends at home. He soon took on the role as the producer of every group he was apart of and began mixing songs and producing his own beats.

In 2011 T.S was one half of the rap duo Kaotic-Solutions. Together they released a mix tape, a video, and performed at numerous showcases. Along the way, the duo met several artists and DJs. The most significant encounter was with Dj and producer M-Pyre from Ellensburg, WA. When T.S began his solo expedition in 2012, he reached out to M-Pyre P and was welcomed with open arms. M-Pyre sent T.S some beats to start his first project titled “Green Light Life”. The EP was released December 2012 and was promoted throughout 2013 with shows and music videos. Northwest blogs also contributed by giving the EP good reviews on their websites. These blogs also included M-Pyres very own blog and clothing line Respect My Region.

With the success of his first project, T.S continues to pour his life into his lyrics and is in the midst of making another project. A pair of twins, a back breaking nine to five, and everything else that comes with fatherhood won’t slow the young artist down but rather encourage him to do better. He continues to persevere and give music that is both inspirational and relatable. He has touched lives young and old with his first EP and plans on doing the same with the rest of his music. There is plenty more to come from The Solution.

 Project link:

Fresh off of winning Central Washington University’s “Showtime at McConnell” competition and being a finalist in Portland’s Cassow and Trox’s “Who Got Next” contest (still going on), T.S releases his newest EP for free! A Washington state native, T.S, has been balancing a solo career since 2011 and being a family man. “Sleepwalking” rapper’s second solo EP that showcases his unique talent and passion for his art.  The 22 year old rapper and father of twins, T.S, has set aside late evenings to work on his craft after he has clocked off work and put his twin children to bed. The 8 track EP was produced entirely by Respect My Region’s co-owner Mitch “M-Pyre” Pfeifer and mastered by Seattle OG D-Sane. The two have frequently collaborated in the past with M-Pyre having produced half of T.S’s debut ‘Green Light Life’ EP last year.





Please feel free to email us any media coverage so we can blast links! We are also open to do CD give-a-ways in conjunction with media outlets if you are interested!


Mitch “M-Pyre” Pfeifer

M-Pyre Productions

Respect My Region Northwest Urban Culture, RMR Marketing&Management,

509 899 4819


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February 20, 2014


Performed by Draze
Song Produced by Tyrone Dumas Video Directed by Deven Morgan
(Seattle, WA – Wednesday, February 12, 2014) – Brandkings, in collaboration with Seattle Centers Cultural Programs and 50 Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide is proud to announce that Draze has released his new music video for the single “The Hood Ain’t The Same” featured on the 50 Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide compilation found at The video can be found at
The “Hood Ain’t The Same” video release is on the heels of the tremendously successful event “Through the Eyes of Art ” in which the video was debuted on the jumbo screen (33ft tall and 60ft wide) of The EMP Museum’s Sky Church, to an audience of over 650 people. Among those in attendance was Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim, The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle President Pamela Banks, R&B songstress Choklate, Grammy Award winning songwriter and singer, India Arie and many more!
“The Hood Ain’t The Same” is a song dedicated to highlighting the effects of gentrification on Seattle’s Central area and south end communities. Throughout the video, Draze takes listeners/viewers on a journey through the rapidly changing urban areas of Seattle. Lines like “I don’t reminisce when I drive through this hood I feel pain, I ain’t proud of these new developments I feel shame…” are illuminated as viewers are treated to images of several restaurants and staples of the community that once thrived but are no longer in existence.
Along with capturing the changing faces of Seattle, the video features several cameos from Seattle area artists and patriarchs past and present. “We could have just shot a bunch of buildings but it is the people who give these structures life. We wanted to highlight some of the real people touching the real community at a grass roots level.” says Draze. The video features cameos by Eddie Rye (Community Activist), Blak Stax (Seattle Hip Hop group), Kawanna Perine (Founder of Sisters Against Lupus), WyKing Garrett (founder of Umoja Fest) Rev Aaron Williams (Senior Pastor at Mt Zion Baptist Church) and several others.
Draze is a veteran wordsmith with a unique skill for storytelling and delivering raw, emotionally charged lyrics that capture the ears of the masses. Recognizing his gift, Draze felt compelled to shed light on the topic of gentrification. “As artists I think we have a responsibility to tell our truth to the people, regardless to how uncomfortable it may be. My city is alive but my community is dying, maybe this is my effort or Eulogy to get someone to care.” says Draze.
Draze is available for interviews. Please contact 206.508.9990 to set up a time that is convenient.
For more information on Draze, please visit any and all below:
Video of “The Hood Ain’t The Same”:
Official Website:
Contact: Erinn Fleeks Phone: 206.805.9990 E-Mail:

Check out The Latest From @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY

February 19, 2014


Song Title: Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – This Is My Life (Prod. By N-Tone Beatz)

Description: Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have taken the internet by storm and have been gaining recognition in the streets as well. While their names are getting bigger and bigger as the days go by they still continue to work hard and keep pushing with new projects. However, “This Is My Life” was released a couple of months back it was actually one of the first tracks that DJ YRS Jerzy heard that really  made him want to work more with Chox-Mak. They decided to re-release this single because they felt like it could have done more numbers than it did the first time it was released. This upbeat catchy single is a track that should be played at high volume at all times. It has all the qualities of a great track it delivers great production brought by N-Tone Beatz and dope lyrics. Once people re discover this track you will see why they chose to re-release it. It will definitely have you on your feet and moving.

Soundcloud Link:

Youtube Link:

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY

Google Search Dj Yrs Jerzy

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February 18, 2014


Title: Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats release the cover art to their “Balance” Mixtape

Description: Chox-Mak has been on a constant rampage of releasing
quality music for his fans “The Choxen Ones”. Through his journey of
releasing hit after hit he has figured that it is time to give the
choxen ones a preview of his up and coming mixtape cover for
“Balance”. Bunty Beats has supplied all of the production for this
mixtape while Chox-Mak will be delivering all of the lyrics. Chox-Mak
and Bunty Beats have had a long history if dropping singles and Ep’s
together but this will be there first official non-DJ hosted mixtape.
The cover of the mixtape gives you a vivid visual of what you will be

The balance beam is a symbolization of what type of tracks will be
featured on the mixtape. The mixtape will feature a wide variety of
beats from boom bap, carribean, rock with a hip hop twist and that
straight up 90s Flow vibe. You can expect to see this cover all over
the internet it will be a project that alot of people are ready to
hear. Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats decided to have Audio Mack be the
primary host of the mixtape. Just look out for the project dropping in
late march but they should have hard copies of the mixtape as well
before it debuts online. Make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend
that “Balance” the mixtape is in the works and it is coming soon.
Chox-Mak will also be releasing his big debut mixtape “Cross Colours
And Starter Jackets” with DJ YRS Jerzy a couple of months after
balance. Balance can be considered a warm up before his Cross Colours
And Starter Jackets mixtape drops. Stay tuned in between time Chox
will have videos and more single releases dropping to get the people
ready. The cover was also made by Bunty Beats.

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats

Google Search Dj Yrs Jerzy

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February 13, 2014


Song Title: Chox-Mak & Henny Tha Brain – Special Delivery 

Song Description: The reign of Chox-Mak has officially started as he announced he will have some type of project being released every week until he gets to a better place in his career. His technique to get the viewers  involved along with his fans “The Choxen Ones” is working to his advantage. Henny Tha Brain also has his own things in the works as well he is scheduled to drop more tracks soon. The way that the 90’s Flow camp puts out music is very impressive and it is catching the eyes of plenty of people. As long as they keep working hard and keep putting out mass material for the masses they shouldn’t have a problem getting where they need to be. Their latest release “Special Delivery” is a real life record that gives you an insight of what they are going through in real life. The music is definitely real and is coming from a dark place in their lives. The beat used for this classic in the making was brought to you by DR.G out of the UK.

Soundcloud Link:

Youtube Link:

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @HennyThaBrain

Google Search Dj Yrs Jerzy

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February 9, 2014

Check Out The Latest From @Ave_Amen

January 23, 2014

Ave. Amen is a hip hop artist from State College, Pa, home of Penn State University.  

“I’m A Long Way From Home” is Ave. Amen’s first official project release which features production from Johnny Juliano, The Cratez, Lexi Banks, Ric&Thadeus, Flash Beats, and Ave. Amen. The project title (I’m A Long Way From Home) refers to Ave’s position and place in music right now, as well as his growth as a person. Although Ave. Amen presents “I’m A Long Way From Home” as a 10 track mixtape, the body of work and intentions are that of an album. Guest appearances are kept slim with only 2 features, L.V and Antonia, both out of the ASR Camp .

I’m A Long Way From Home – SoundCloud Link 


Im A Long Way From Home – Promotion